The coolest warm up in the history of golf?

15 Aug

The coolest warm up in the history of golf?.

“…Miguel Angel Jimenez, the coolest man on the course.”

If you haven’t already seen it (and even if you have), head over to the Stronger Golf blog for a look at a unique warm-up routine and the explanation behind it. The videos are worth a watch, and the underlying  blog itself has some great information on fitness and nutrition both on and off the course.

Annapolis Golf Club

14 Aug

Last summer I started a post that was never finished about my local golf course, the Annapolis Golf Club. It was going to be the tale of an old, low-budget little golf course plopped in the middle of a neighborhood providing locals with 9 quick, inexpensive holes of golf.

I’ve mentioned it before in passing… it’s nothing fancy, just an 80+ year old golf course designed by Charles Banks with elevated greens and massive, deep bunkers. In recent years it had lost its luster… lost its sand and water, too (just big craters next to the fairways now). But it was small and local and charming and oh so inexpensive.

Well today I finally got back out golfing after a far-too-long layoff only to find that this course, my local course, is closing.

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Long Layoffs from Golf

13 Aug

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve done anything too golf related besides sitting on the couch with my dad to watch a major. Work, a potential move, and financial planning have a way of consuming my time when all I really want to do is hit a silly little ball around.

Well I’ve finally gotten some time this weekend (and the girlfriends are away) and made plans for Sunday. But I haven’t touched a club in well over a month. Should be interesting.

Anyway I’ve done a quick search to see what the world of golf has to say about finding your swing.

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Merion Golf Club

10 Jun

USA TodayMerion Golf Club’s history and unique touches are making this year’s US Open extremely exciting. The more coverage I consume, the more I realize that this is going to be a must-watch weekend for me as a golf fan (and someone originally from the Philadelphia area).

The big story is that the course may actually be the star this weekend over the players and their stories, and that is going to be the best part… Those touches of the course that you won’t find combined just like this anywhere else. The list goes on and on, but here’s what I’m excited for this weekend.

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What’s in the Bag?

15 May

I’ve written a few posts about the equipment of the game. My first post was what I had just researched at the time, which clubs to carry. It’s still something I love to read from professional golfers and thoroughly enjoy reading their explanation as to what feel a certain club gave them as compared to another (when they aren’t stuck to a single sponsor’s models).

Here I am almost a year into re-learning the game, and I’m starting to get fairly consistent. I feel like my clubs are used in more or less the correct occasions, and I branch out a bit to use the club I SHOULD use… even though I may be afraid of it (and it’s working pretty well to boost my confidence).

Anyway I figured now would be a good time to record the current clubs in my bag and what I think about them… it’ll be interesting to see how I feel about all this a few months or a year from now.

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Golf Season

13 Mar

Last Fall I told myself that during the winter I’d make a point to go to the local range once a week to take advantage of their heated stalls. …I’d pull out the putting mat more often in the living room. …I’d take advantage of the offseason to finally sign up for those lessons I’m too cheap to get.

I told myself a lot of things.

None of it happened.

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The Looming Bacon Shortage and Golf… Related?

25 Sep

Horrible news today as an unavoidable worldwide bacon shortage has been predicted for the coming year.

Yes, you read that right… an unavoidable worldwide bacon shortage. Possibly the four saddest words I’ve ever seen in a row.

That obviously got me wondering about the connections between a bacon shortage and this great game of golf. If that’s not a teaser that’ll get you to read more, then I don’t know what is! Continue reading

How to Buy Golf Clubs on eBay

20 Sep

General golf thinking says not to buy golf clubs on eBay. You can’t really disagree with the logic (and experience of people who know what they’re talking about): Golf clubs should be swung and fit to your build, swing, and personal feel. But I think there are some situations when buying clubs through the online auction giant might just be your best choice.

Here’s a guide to those situations and some tips I’ve picked up through personal experience (and a few big mistakes). Continue reading

My Favorite Club: Ping Anser Putter

18 Sep

You are allowed a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag while on the course. The decision of which 14 to include is sometimes very tricky based on your style of play and variables like course layout, weather conditions, how you’ll be making your way around the course, and the list goes on.

But one club is so specialized and so personal that once a golfer finds “The One” there’s very little shot this club won’t be in the bag every weekend. That club is the putter, and I think I’ve found The One for me… my beautiful 40+ year old Ping Anser.

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Ball Markers and Golf Superstition… Apparently I’m doing it wrong.

16 Sep

I knew golfers, like any other group of people, were pretty superstitious. I figured out yesterday that we’re actually pretty nuts. Today I learned that in my superstition, I’ve been doing it wrong.

Here’s a great article by David Owen of Golf Digest about his huge rotation of ball markers and their various degrees of luck for him. He uses a bunch of foreign coins and the ball markers with the prongs. He has some markers in the rotation for when he absolutely needs to 2-putt, some for when he has to sink it, one for putts with a lot of break… I feel extremely inadequate in my golf superstitiousness (that’s apparently not a word, but it should be)!

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